A Letter from the Editor

This is the time of the year when we dream about summer and all of the fun we’re going to have. Trips are sometimes planned way in advance, and so is our publication. We work for many months to create a snapshot of summer highlights that will give visitors the great sense of adventure possible along the Lake Michigan coast. This year we are moving forward without a clear picture of what that will be exactly. We are all in a holding pattern waiting for the day when we can get out more, travel and have fun together.

The events and details presented in this issue is what we are hoping will be available to you this summer and into the next season. Due to these unusual times, some information may be different than what you’ll read about in the magazine. We’ve done our best with stories and photography and have been thoughtful about the magazine’s visual depiction for visitors. As we go to print in May, our road map is still being created and we are on a course that none of us would have expected. Some of the restaurants and many of the shops in Michigan are temporarily closed and quiet, our national and state parks are making revisions to their offerings this year and we are all waiting to see what the near future will bring for getting out and enjoying our favorite things in the upcoming months, with that in mind…

Shoreline Visitors Guide is proud to present Michigan’s well-known treasures as well as hidden gems waiting to be explored: interesting museums, beautiful parks, pristine beaches, West Michigan communities, cool shops, unique restaurants, numerous hiking trails, rivers and lakes and our shining star, Lake Michigan.

We hope that you’ll enjoy learning more by reading this edition and that it will inspire you to plan for new places to visit in the near, as well as, distant future.

We all want to be able to travel this summer, sooner rather than later…showing up in ways that we can, staying at a distance from fellow beach goers, attending outdoor events that are safe to attend, riding our bikes in pairs rather than groups, taking lone kayak trips down sunlit rivers, exploring the trails and taking long walks on the beaches to enjoy Michigan’s ever-present beauty. Some restaurants will still be open offering take-out until they can open their doors, farmers markets will still sell their fresh produce within a safe setting, the lighthouses will still be standing even if you may not be able to climb their inner stairs, and the beauty of Lake Michigan will still offer brilliant days of sun glistening off the water and sunsets full of vivid color and majestic patterns.

Beachside and western shore communities and places of wonder will be waiting for you when it’s your time to travel again – alone, with your family or with friends. May you venture out as soon as you can, as soon as it’s safe, to explore our wonderful state and its many treasures. When you do, please consider frequenting the business represented here as often as you can, in any way that you can.

Warm Wishes, Rhonda Cobb – Publisher & Editor

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