Lakeshore Museum Center

Discovery Awaits at Lakeshore Museum Center

Did you ever wonder what the world was like 400 million years ago? You can find out at the Lakeshore Museum Center in Muskegon! Discover prehistoric times when Michigan was covered by a saltwater sea and massive fish existed along large coral reefs. Explore fascinating things about biology and other sciences with interactive opportunities for all members of the family.

Kids and adults will be in awe as they learn about Michigan over the last 10,000 years, from giant Mastodons to fur traders, lumber barons and more. Play the “Mastodons on the Loose Scavenger Hunt” to explore outdoors along downtown Muskegon where 20 mini mastodon sculptures are carefully hidden. Stop by the Lakeshore Museum Center to pick up a brochure with clues for making exciting discoveries along your journey.

Lakeshore Museum Center has permanent exhibits, many of them interactive. The museum’s STEM Center is one of the best for involving family members to think about how science, technology, engineering and math work through a hands-on learning process.

For an additional fee, explore Lakeshore Museum Center’s Hackley and Hume Houses, the grand Victorian estates of infamous lumber barons Charles H. Hackley and his partner Thomas Hume, and the Fire Barn and Scolnik House from the Depression era.  The Fire Barn Museum is a re-creation of the C. H. Hackley Hose Company No. 2 Firehouse, so important during the 19th century for keeping fires at bay. The Scolnik House from the Depression Era is a “soft hands”-on museum, for all ages, with stories about common families who lived during the Great Depression.

Check the museum’s website at for special programs and events, hours, tickets and locations, as well as, Covid-19 updates and regulations for visiting the museum.


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Featured image courtesy of: Lakeshore Museum Center