Don’t Fall For It

It’s August in West Michigan.  Lake Michigan temperatures are a comfortable 70+ degrees, the waves are lapping our beautiful sandy shores, sunny days are hitting the low 80’s.  Perfection!   Our downtowns are bustling with shoppers, diners and people watchers.   While it’s tempting to start shifting thoughts and energy to football schedules, cheeringleading tryouts, and back to school stuff, I say RESIST!   It’s summer!  As you work around your busy schedule, make a plan to grab every moment you can in the great outdoors.  Even if it’s a moment sitting on the deck watching an incredible sunset.  unnamedHere’s a shot I took with my phone at one of our favorite spots, the deck at Boatwerks in Holland. The photo is not enhanced in any way–it’s totally real.  Our totally real, totally beautiful West Michigan.  I posted it and even my “friend” Ginger Zee, from Good Morning America was impressed!  Those waters, beaches and sunsets are all out there for us to enjoy–It’s August.  It’s summer.