I Like Beer

OK.  It’s out there. I’m a gal who appreciates a good beer.  I also like flatbread.  And, I especially like good people.  One of my favorite beer/flatbread/people places is Stormcloud Brewing Company in Frankfort. Just steps away from Frankfort beach, it’s a great place to pull out a comfy chair, settle in, and enjoy a flight.  Or, you can cut to the chase and order my favorite, the Rainmaker Ale.  A few other folks have happened upon Stormcloud too.  Here’s a shot of a map on their wall with loads of pins in it, marking hometowns from literally-around the world.



You might notice the photo is a little tipsy.  But hey, I was on vacation.

Secondly, Rider on the Storm-a flatbread on the menu.  They had me at goat cheese, but when you add sliced apple and maple cider vinegar reduction?  Irresistible.   Finally, Stormcloud owners regularly participate in fundraisers and donate to local worthy causes.  It’s a win/win/win. Visit them in Frankfort for the full experience.  For just a taste, consider attending the Burning Foot Festival on Pere Marquette Beach in Muskegon on August 29.  About 29 other breweries will be there too.   Seriously, it’s called the Burning Foot Festival.