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Dedicated to Preserving Michigan’s Shoreline Lighthouses

The Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association (SPLKA), a not-for-profit enterprise with six staff and hundreds of volunteer members, has the responsibility for restoring, managing and operating four significant lighthouses on the shore of Lake Michigan.

The four lighthouses include Big Sable Point Lighthouse and the Ludington North Breakwater Lighthouse both in Ludington, the Little Sable Point Lighthouse located in Silver Lake and the White River Light Station and Museum in Whitehall. All four of the lighthouses are within 60 miles from each other and each is a beautiful tribute to maritime travel along the shore.

Every year, hundreds of visitors, young and old, make it a point to experience the lighthouses first hand. They come to learn about their amazing history and significance as beacons for sailors and captains of the Great Lakes. During their visits, they make it a point to climb the lighthouse towers to see the breathtaking views and imagine themselves as a lighthouse keeper or captain of a distant ship. Stories about the lighthouses tell about their history and the ships that lost their way and were helped by these important lights along the shore. Visitors are enlightened and the gift shops hold treasures and souvenirs to take these memories home.

For maps, directions, hours of operation and information about these four lighthouses, visit or call (231) 845-7417.

* In 2021, for safety purposes, there will be limited numbers of people allowed into the lighthouse towers at one time, due to COVID regulations.

SPLKA Membership

All 760 members of Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association are devoted to the SPLKA Mission, which is “to preserve, promote and educate the public and to make our lighthouses accessible to all.” Some members join simply from a desire to support the mission, and others come to be SPLKA members because of their desire to be a Lighthouse Keeper for a week at one of the four beautiful lighthouses. This dedicated group of people help operate, restore and maintain the lighthouses, as well as raise money through memberships and visitors’ fees to keep the lighthouses in operation. In 2018, SPLKA received the State of Michigan Governors award for “Historic Preservation” of the four Michigan lighthouses under their care.**

SPLKA, welcomes donations to help assure that their lights along Lake Michigan will continue to shine and be accessible to the public in the future. Donations can be made online at

** SPLKA does not own the lighthouses. They have long-term operating / maintenance agreements with the State of Michigan DNR, Fruitland Township and the City of Ludington. 

To preserve Michigan’s shoreline castles, become a SPLKA member at

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Featured image courtesy of: Todd and Brad Reed Photography