Cobb Communications, Inc. currently publishes over 1.5 million copies of magazines, guides and brochures promoting travel and tourism in Michigan. Our family-owned business is dedicated to providing advertising businesses with personalized service and valuable exposure to a tourism targeted audience.

Shoreline Visitors Guides are regional magazines geared toward drawing interest first to an area, then directly to our advertisers.  With 30 years experience, we know how, when, and where Shoreline Visitors Guides need to be distributed to provide maximum results.

Our State Park Maps and Guides are the official guides used by the Michigan State Park system to direct incoming campers and provide information to campground and recreation area visitors. Businesses that advertise in the State Park Guides are placed on a community map.  The Guides help the camper learn about the area, plan their visit, and enhance their park experience.

For more information about our print and digital advertising opportunities please fill out the form or call us at 616-772-9820.

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