Tippy Dam State Recreation Area Campsite Information

Entrance Fees:

Just $11 when purchased with your license plate registration renewal, the Recreation Passport is your very own key to exploring Michigan’s state parks, trails, historic sites, boat launches, and more. It’s the easiest way to support and protect these resources for the next generation.

Michigan Resident Vehicle Passport When Purchased:
with Annual Plate Renewal via Secretary of State $11
at State Parks (Valid Until Next Vehicle Registration) $16

Michigan Resident Motorcycle Passport When Purchased:
with Annual Plate Renewal via Secretary of State $ 6
at State Parks (Valid Until Next Vehicle Registration) $11

Non-Resident Annual Pass $33

Non-Resident Daily Pass $  9

Camping Rates:

Year-Round Camping

Rustic Campsite
$17 per night

Rustic Cabin (solar powered-heat & lights only)
$68 per night

*Please Note: Pricing is Subject to Change at Any Time.


Registration Office: 8am-10pm • Check-in: 3pm, Check-out: 1pm • Quiet Hours:10pm-8am

Alcoholic Beverages:

Possession of alcoholic beverages by minors is strictly prohibited.

Animals and Pets:

Administrative rules regarding pets will be strictly enforced. Pets must be under immediate control of the owner by use of a 6-foot leash. Animals must never be left unattended. Please clean up after your animals.

Special Camping Rules:

Campers may not camp for more than 15 consecutive nights. Campsites must be occupied each night. No minors in possession of alcoholic beverages strictly enforced. No generators in the campground after 10pm. DO NOT throw garbage in the fire circles. Two vehicles allowed per campsite.

Don’t Move Firewood! Help Protect our Michigan State Parks and Campgrounds!:

Invasive insects and diseases have killed MILLIONS OF TREES in Michigan–often after hitching a ride on firewood. Please don’t transport firewood! At most campgrounds, it can be purchased on the premises or from nearby vendors who sell USDA-certified firewood. If certified firewood is not available, purchase your firewood as close as possible to where you will burn it. If you purchased wood and don’t use it all, remember–don’t transport it or take it home with you.


Advance camping reservations can be made up to six months in advance of a customer’s planned arrival date for both campsites and harbor slips. Advance reservation for overnight lodging or day-use shelters can be made up to one year in advance. Reservations can be made 24/7 by visiting www.midnrreservations.com or Mon-Fri: 8am–8pm, or Sat-Sun: 9am–5pm by calling 1-800-44PARKS (1-800-447-2757).

More Information:

Log on to: www.michigan.gov/tippydam

Write: Tippy Dam State Recreation Area
1500 Dilling Road • Brethren, MI 49619

Call: (231)848-4880

*Recreation Passport price subject to change.

Welcome to Tippy Dam State Recreation Area

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