Advertiser Spotlight: Windmill Island Gardens

Experiences for the Whole Family!

Along the border of downtown Holland you’ll discover the beautiful Windmill Island Gardens where acres of beautiful gardens, historic “living history” experiences and America’s only authentic working Dutch windmill, will transform you to another time and place that existed long ago.

Your historic journey will begin when you discover the towering 250-year-old working Dutch windmill – “De Zwaan” (the Swan). “De Zwaan,” spanning 125-feet high with 80-foot blades and massive grindstones, is awesome to behold! “De Zwaan” was shipped from the Netherlands in the mid-1960’s as a reminder to the Dutch community, and all visitors who make their way to Holland each year, about the city’s amazing Dutch heritage. Travel inside “De Zwaan” and learn about the history and function of windmills in the Netherlands as you gaze out at 36 acres of breathtaking gardens, dikes, and canals . Windmill Island Gardens is a key attraction throughout May when 150,000 multi-colored tulips – dozens of varieties – flow across the gardens as far as the eye can see. As the season unfolds, Summer reveals a changing floral tapestry, a sea of breathtaking annuals, perennials and jewel-like natural foliage. Every year there is a new theme to enjoy, and this season the theme is “Celestial Season,” celebrating the sun, moon, stars, and everything else in the heavens above. Hear the sweet sounds of an antique Amsterdam street organ “The Four Columns” given to the City of Holland by the City of Amsterdam in 1947.

Gaze at the miniature “Little Netherlands Village” made by Holland’s early settlers.

Stroll through The Post House, an exact replica of a 14th century wayside inn as well as other replica buildings and learn about the Dutch culture.

Little ones can ride aboard the antique Dutch Carousel with hand-carved and painted wooden horses and explore the whimsical Windmill Islands Gardens playground & children’s garden.

Make your final stop the gift shop for a delicious Dutch treat or souvenir.

Windmill Gardens is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., April 15 – October 1 (last tickets sold at 5 p.m.) Visitor information, event details, special workshops, information about weddings, rentals and more can be found at or by calling 888-535-5792. Wheelchairs are available for use on site by inquiring at the office in The Post House.